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10:11pm 12/04/2005
mood: thoughtful
Well. I`m back. I was whisked away to Earth, Canada. For the advanced Human Biiology course I am taking I was asigned to an Earth hospital for several months. It was a thoroughly interesting experience, I learned many things, although the environment was shockingly primitive.

But since then, there have been many changes. Kamui has been over thrown, and now System Lord Daishii is in control. Hayashi-sensei has appointed Sakurai Atsushi-san as head of the school. I can`t say that I`m terribly positive about it, I know only rumours about him, and what I hear isn`t so good. There have been rumours that he was behaving... improperly with someone on ship. Isn`t he supposed to be an example?

More will follow.

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08:13pm 18/03/2004
mood: okay
I've been attending classes here for about a week now. Kiyoshi-sensei has a very interesting perspective on exobiology, which is refreshing considering most Shardracian biology teachers...techniques.

The people here are certainly interesting. Haven't really had time to make friends, but I hope to do some socialising at the weekend. Although most people think I'm a first year. And, at 203, I'm quite old, so they think I'm a stupid first year. All rather ammusing really. Of course, one of them came up to me in the study hall, while I was downloading some information on human immunodeficiency. Needless to say he didn't understand it, and thought I couldn't either.

Oh well...

I have mechanics tommorrow. And then English lessons. If we have to watch original source material, aka Home and Away again, I will scream at the television. I had a dream about Neighbours the other night. Stupid TV show.

I need to edit the styles on this thing too.

I just noticed. There's a pineapple in my room. Nevermind. I can eat it later.
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04:10am 14/03/2004
  Engage Network.
Accessing Files.
3954610bytes downloaded.
> > Open file "Questionairre.llt"
Opening file "Questionairre.llt".
File Opened.
Accessing Port Protocol.
Protocol Accessed.
Begin Transmission.
> > Open file "ran_murasaki.ltt"
Opening file "ran_murasaki.ltt"
You need a Level 3 KeyPass to access this file.
> > Inputting Level 3 KeyPass "24668559"
KeyPass Obtained
Accessing KeyPass
KeyPass Accepted
Opening File....
File Opened
> > View File "ran_murasaki.ltt"
View File

NAME: Ran Murasaki
AGE: 203 Generic Years
LOCATION: Hayashi Earth Base, Earth, KAMUI.
RACE: Midoriaoi 緑青い
HEIGHT: 165 cm
. . . . . Shardracian Biology - lvl 12
. . . . . Human Biology lvl 20 - advanced level concentrated study
. . . . . Exoecology lvl 4
. . . . . Exosociology lvl 7
. . . . . Language and Interaction lvl
. . . . . Mechanics lvl 3
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Universal, Moteric, Mizu-Taijiron, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic.

File complete.
End sequence protocal error! Code: 77B.

Abort/Retry/Fail: ... A

Sequence aborted.

Enter: Rescript protocal 17925.
File recovered.

Logging Off....
Logged Off Network
11:13pm 09/03/2004
mood: hopeful
My transfer came through five days ago. It's a kinda daunting prospect, the great Yoshiki Hayashi. I wonder if he's really as good as they say he is.

And the students...I'm looking forward to meeting new people, as always. But at the same time, I really hope they're not all stuck up brats. Let's hope I don't come across as one either....

Now I have to go and get ready, as the transport ship's leaving.